On December 10th, Li Qianjin, general manager of XCMG Fire Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XCMG Fire Protection), and Dong Chenrui, president of Volvo Trucks China (hereinafter referred to as Volvo Trucks), signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Xuzhou. This means that Volvo Trucks has officially become a strategic partner of XCMG Fire.

In the next two years, XCMG Fire will purchase at least 200 Volvo FMX special chassis models from Volvo Trucks specially designed for firefighting forces. Li Qianjin, general manager of XCMG Fire Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. spoke highly of the alliance between the two parties: “Volvo Trucks is an internationally renowned commercial vehicle brand. Volvo Trucks is known for its safety, efficiency, and energy saving. Choosing Volvo heavy truck chassis to expand the high-end market for XCMG Fire The differentiation strategy to build a leading brand in the industry is of positive and important significance.”

Dong Chenrui deeply agrees: “To provide Chinese construction machinery users with a safe, efficient and reliable special chassis is the goal of Volvo Trucks. cooperation makes us towards established goals and a major step forward. Volvo trucks will work closely with Xugong fire, completely remove the worries of the fire brigade using Volvo chassis truck, which is the ultimate purpose of our bilateral strategic cooperation. “

Designed for China fire users Tailor-made special chassis

XCMG Fire purchased this time is the Volvo FMX special chassis that officially landed in China in 2014. In 2014, a new generation of Volvo truck series was registered in China. Among them, the FMX model can be said to be an off-highway chassis model specially tailored by Volvo Trucks for the construction machinery market. It has the advantages of durability, safety, reliability, fuel economy and environmental protection. Calmly deal with various harsh environments and is known as “the world’s most robust engineering vehicle chassis”.


Dong Chenrui, President of Volvo Trucks China (second from right), and Li Qianjin, general manager of XCMG Fire Protection (second from left) and other leaders took
a group photo in the new plant of XCMG Fire Protection. As a heavy-duty truck tailored for engineering construction, the FMX series was introduced in 2010. The gap in the off-highway chassis vehicle. Subsequently, this product became a popular product in the Chinese market and became a matching product for many construction machinery mainframe companies.
Dong Chenrui said that the high reliability of Volvo Trucks is very important in highway operations, and it has more advantages in fire rescue, especially when participating in fire rescue in emergency situations. The high reliability of fire fighting vehicles is especially important. Minutes and one second mean that more lives and property can be saved.


The XCMG fire truck equipped with Volvo truck chassis is
not only that, but Volvo truck also has excellent handling performance. The steering wheel uses a unique dynamic steering system (VDS), and the driver can achieve light control with only one finger. This is a fire truck The driver can drive the vehicle steadily even under complicated road conditions, which provides convenience for reaching the destination quickly.

Join forces to expand the high-end market.

XCMG Fire Fighting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of XCMG Group. It owns more than 60 types of firefighting rescue products in three categories: lifting fire trucks, dedicated fire fighting trucks, and emergency rescue. The sales of products have ranked first in China for many years, and it is the first well-known enterprise in China to enter the field of fire protection.


The XCMG fire truck equipped with Volvo FMX chassis displayed at the signing ceremony
talked about the factors that concern the chassis of the fire truck. Li Qianjin, general manager of XCMG firefighting, said, “Fire trucks are special vehicles that bear the important responsibility of rescue and rescue and must be foolproof. our goal is clear, select Volvo truck chassis supplier to do is to meet the high attendance of the fire brigade, high fuel economy, high security needs, and Volvo as the world’s well-known brands of commercial vehicles, to fully meet these conditions. “

In fact, , XCMG Fire and Volvo Trucks have a long history. In 2017, XCMG Fire Fighting needed to develop a large-volume fire truck for petrochemical systems, which required high power, high speed, and extremely high requirements for the performance of the chassis. When choosing the National V chassis, Volvo Trucks FMX540 stood out among many chassis suppliers and became the ultimate winner. Since then, Shuangyi began to enter the “honeymoon period.” At present, almost all of the products produced by XCMG Fire Fighting are equipped with Volvo truck chassis, and the proportion of supporting Volvo chassis has reached 70%. Speaking of the relationship with Volvo Trucks, Li Qianjin summarized in one sentence: “There are market needs to have suitable products. This is the reason why we initially chose Volvo chassis.”

Dong Chenrui said that Volvo Trucks not only provide XCMG Fire High-quality products, but also to provide customers with a full range of intimate services. Even if it encounters a special overhaul, Volvo will send the strongest after-sales service team to deal with it as soon as possible to ensure that the vehicle is always in the best condition. Up to now, Volvo Trucks has 83 service outlets in the Chinese market, ranking first among imported truck brands. In 2021, Volvo Trucks will continue to increase the pace of service network construction, and strive for more high-quality service providers to join Volvo Trucks’ service system.

Reputation-based, continue to deepen cooperation with leading companies in the industry

As a well-known global commercial vehicle brand, Volvo Trucks is the first truck company to expand the Chinese construction machinery market and the first company to customize a special chassis for the construction machinery industry. Since Volvo Trucks launched a special FMX chassis tailored for construction machinery users in China in 2014, it has won the trust of users in the Chinese construction machinery market and has played a positive role in further expanding the Chinese construction machinery market. As of the end of November 2020, Volvo Trucks’ business in China has achieved a year-on-year growth of 64%, of which the construction machinery sector has performed particularly well.


At the signing ceremony, XCMG Fire General Manager Li Qianjin (first from left) and Volvo Trucks China President Dong Chenrui (first from right) exchanged gifts and took a group photo.
In the field of construction machinery chassis support, continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation with leading companies in the industry. Volvo Trucks’ persistent goal.
Speaking of the supporting plans for 2021, Li Qianjin said that in the future, the entire series of XCMG Fire Fighting products will carry out product customization solutions with Volvo Trucks. Speaking of the prospects for cooperation between the two parties, he used “young people to fall in love” as an image metaphor: “From knowing each other to knowing each other, this is a process of gradual deepening, until we grow old together.”

Dong Chenrui said that the Chinese market is Volvo Global An important part of the strategy, Volvo Trucks will be committed to bringing better service and user experience to Chinese users in the future, hoping to cooperate with more powerful and dreamy Chinese companies to create a better future.

Post time: Jan-26-2021